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Be Proud of Your Lawn!

Your lawn is the focal point of your property - Let us help make you proud of it.  PREMIER TURF SPECIALISTS is a high quality provider of lawncare programs custom suited to your property's needs.  We Combine 34 years of turf care experience with the most innovative products in the industry to provide beautiful, thick and weed-free lawns.  



 "I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with how my lawn looks with just a couple of treatments. It looks beautiful compared to how it looked when I was using Trugreen. I don’t have any weeds now, and the lawn looks healthy!  I’m glad I made the change!  I would highly recommend your company." - Barbara O. - 6/11/20

"Had a brief interaction with Matt yesterday and he is a true asset to your company. Happy, polite and very nice. I was also impressed when I heard the leaf blower and he was using it on the back porch. A very nice touch that shows care for a customers property." - Jason B. - 10/15/20 

"Just wanted to let you know that the two gentlemen who aerated and thatched the lawn were absolutely great.  Not only did they do an outstanding job, but were courteous and friendly" - Linda K. - 11/2/20

NEW CUSTOMER - "By the way, it seemed like my lawn really loved whatever your team used during the last grass is now greener than my next door neighbor's grass for the first time ever" - Caz - 11/18/20

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you guys know how pleased I am with your lawn care. After the aeration and lime application my lawn is really looking better than it has in years. Thanks to all of you at Premier, you do a wonderful job!! - Rich W. 11/1/21

"Thank you again - this is the best my lawn has looked in years" - Jennifer B. - Export, PA - 11/3/21

"The yard looked the best it ever has last year due to your service.  I'm really looking forward to working with you again this year" - Scott N. - Pittsburgh, PA - 4/7/22

I just want to say what a great job your service has been for my lawn. Unlike what I went through last year with chinch bugs, my lawn this year is absolutely beautiful!! I’m so proud of it. Thank you so very much! - Rebecca G. - Irwin, PA - 4/26/22

This was my first year with your company. As a new customer, I've been very happy with not only how my yard looks but the professionalism and attention to detail of your technicians. I have an acre of land and the other companies I have used have "shortcutted" the application process and I have always had to call them back for additional weed treatments. Premier has done an excellent job and I would definitely recommend your company to others. - Brian F. - Bethel Park, PA - 9-3-23

2024 Special  Offers

New customers: 


- Buy 5 fertilizing applications and get the 6th fertilizing application for FREE **


All Customers:


- Purchase a grub prevention application and get a FREE lawn surface insect application to control ticks, fleas, spiders, chinch bugs + 75 other insects  

- Purchase 2 lawn surface insect applications to control ticks, fleas, spiders, chinch bugs + 75 other insects and get 1 lawn surface insect application FREE

- Purchase 2 lawn fungicide applications and receive 1 lawn fungicide application FREE.  Lawn fungicides control common infections including red thread, dollar spot, leaf spot, brown patch, etc


- Refer a friend who signs on for a full program (4 or more services) and receive a $30 referral credit to be used for future Services (Credit is non-refundable)

Guaranteed Results!

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our service.  This means taking the proper steps to remedy any issues that you have in a timely and responsible manner! 

** b5g1 offers for new customers only 

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